The World Glaucoma Patient Association

WGPA exists to better the lives of glaucoma patients by encouraging the establishment of and cooperation among Glaucoma Patient Organizations worldwide.

The WGPA, created with the encouragement of and under the auspices of the Association of International Glaucoma Societies, is designed to assist glaucoma patients worldwide in managing the disease that is silently stealing the eyesight of so many. We see our charge as being an umbrella or framework to dispense useful information to individuals, health care providers, and support-type bodies that are devoting their efforts to the fight against glaucoma.

The information offered may take many varied forms, and prove to be useful individually or in combination. We may be creating awareness, serving as an advocate body and/or directing people to educational information available from local or national support groups in a wide breadth of areas. In a broad-brush fashion, we believe that our efforts will highlight the need for appropriate and timely eye care as well as elevate the understanding of glaucoma as a dangerous eye affliction. Outreach to both patients and ophthalmologists will assuredly accomplish this objective.

There are so many areas and countries in the world that do not have patient support groups and sorely need them. We serve as advocates to encourage both ophthalmologists and their patients to step forward to assume these critically needed roles. We feel strongly that every country should have such a group and that a primary group can be the umbrella for said country.